Posted by: Jenn | March 8, 2009

Chemo, round 3

On Monday (3/2) I had my third round of chemotherapy.  At this point, I’m either halfway through (if I only have to have 6 cycles) or a little more than a third of the way through (if I end up having 8 cycles).  I think I’m going to end up with 8 cycles simply due to the size of my tumor, but that’s up to the oncologist.  I will have a PET scan after my next cycle to evaluate my response to chemotherapy.  I know the tumor is shrinking because the pleural effusion isn’t re-accumulating, but it will be good to see how much it’s shrinking.

I had a little trouble with nausea this cycle.  Nothing I couldn’t live with, just this nagging, uneasy feeling in my stomach.  They gave me a rescue anti-emetic when I started chemo (Compazine), but I didn’t take it because it makes me sleepy.  The chemo makes me tired enough, I don’t want to take something else that’s going to make me tired. 

On a lighter note, here’s a picture to make you smile.  I posted it on Facebook also.

I'll get him when I get bigger!

I'll get him when I get bigger!

Poor Ethan, he can’t even defend himself.  Alex loves him to death, and loves to try to play with him.  I think Alex is going to be a little upset when Ethan gets mobile and starts extracting his revenge for things like this!



  1. Jenn, i am happy to hear that you’re kicking some cancer butt!
    You, Dan, Alex & Ethan are in my thoughts and I am sending you lots of love.
    Please continue to take good care of yourself. 🙂

  2. Hi Jenn,
    Alex has no idea what retribution he will face. Ethan remembers everything.

    Not sure if you have joined any support groups, etc. I was reading this cancer survivor blog and some of your posts reminded me of her posts.


  3. Hi Sweetie,

    Hang in there.

    I love you so much!


  4. What a wonderful picture! Ethan is such a beautiful little baby, he is going to have so much fun figuring out how to get back at Alex when he gets older! I’m so glad you have such amazing boys to remind you of why you fight every day to get better. They love you so much, and so do I!

  5. What a fabulous picture of Ethan. He is so adorable. We just wanted you to know that we are thinking of you and we admire your incredible will to fight. We can’t wait to hear the good news about the shrinking tumor!!

    We love you,
    Uncle Joe & Aunt Kris

  6. Hi Jenn I love you.

  7. Jenn, I hope you soon get to call it “the incredible shrinking tumor” because it shrinks so fast! Love the picture of Ethan — especially because his expression is somewhat of a contrast to those smiley faces that are stuck on him. I’m sure he’ll someday find something similarly amusing to do to Alex. Lots of love and positive thoughts to you all!


  8. If I were Alex I would run as far and fast as I could. He’ll be learning about pay back really soon.
    Keep up the fight Jen. I think about you all the time.
    Love you all
    Uncle Eddie
    Aunt June

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